A Constant Foreigner

The way I see it.
Exploding stars
Accidental art? And this is Toronto
View from my window
"Last week, I went to Istanbul for about 5 days and on the way, I stopped over in Zurich and saw a friend. "
 I found this is my drafts.. And it’s from February 2011. I have to admit this map still blows my mind. I was go glad to see Staphan and have him as my guide otherwise there is no way I would have such a great stop over where I managed to have great coffee and macaroons and have a quick tour of the city in
Captured this possibly on time, before the leaves start migrating!
Love fall and shades of fall in Ontario!
OCAD U at night time

I don’t need to say I was lost today as well and had to walk around. I saw these walking around the city. 

It was a frustrating yet a beautiful day!

So yesterday I got on the wrong bus and when I realized I was going somewhere other than intended, I got off and started walking. What a great thing I did! (Not to mention that it was great to actually arrive to the aimed spot.)
Anyhow, I came across with this unique sculpture.
I have no idea what it’s about but as far as I can tell it was about a man humping another man’s arm? 
I know I have said this before, but the sculptures are rather unusual here. Hahaha, I really couldn’t help but laugh out loud. 
I <3 København!

The other day, I spent about 5 hours walking around trying to find the ‘Perfect Backpack’. My back has been at the edge of leaving me crippled so I thought it was about time. I walked from one store to another leaving quite disappointed- as i have a student budget and everything i liked was more like 3X the student budget. 

It was great of a walk though. The sun was up, weather was decent. I ran into these creepy/crazy/bizarre/cool sculptures right around Frederiksberg. 

Did I find the perfect backpack? Maybe not but I ended up getting what everyone else has - FjallRaven Kanken but I do love the colour! Surprisingly enough, I can fit my 15’ laptop and a whole bunch of other crap I carry around all the time and I don’t feel like my back/ neck/ shoulders are going to protest and leave my body. 

If i could wait, i would get it in Malmo as I heard they were cheaper there but it was an emergency!

So yay for Fjall Raven for saving my back!